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Surfhunter 36
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Surfhunter 36

Much has been made by boatbuilders of fuel efficiency, touting hull forms and superiority claims. Fair comparisons with the Hunt-innovative deep-V, however, show that the Surfhunter 36 Coupe can deliver its crew from point-A to point-B not only quickly and in comfort but also with exceptionally thrifty use of fuel. As the designers often explain, it is not gallons-per-hour that matters: it is miles-per-gallon. Depending, naturally, on load, fuel consumption is expected to be 2.0 miles per gallon at 22 knots; the Surfhunter 36’s 150-gallon fuel capacity with 10% reserve should then provide a working range in excess of 240 nm.

It is the quality of the ride over those miles which most dramatically separates the Hunt Surfhunter 36 from other similarly sized cruisers. C. Raymond Hunt Associates has been refining the nuances of the deep-V which Ray Hunt, the firm’s founder, developed over 50 years ago, a breakthrough which has informed powerboat design ever since. No designers have the depth of experience possessed by Hunt, so it should be no surprise that Hunt Yachts perform so well across such a wide range of sea conditions. It is those attributes which have led to the vast majority of pilot boats serving major U.S. ports to be Hunt-designed for professional mariners who must go out to meet ships under the worst conditions.

Hunt Surfhunter36 Dinette Berth Layout
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